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January 14, 2018

Oh Hey,

Thanks for stopping by!! Please check out my posted gig dates :) (if you may be so inclined and are in the area). Come visit me on "Faceplant"......ahhhh......I mean "Facebook" if you are on there.

- A quick shout out and "thank you" to Bryan Vance and all the folks at the Theo Wanne Mouthpiece and Instrument Company for sponsoring my attendance at the upcoming 2018 NAMM Show and Convention in Anaheim, California in January...looking forward to it!! :)

- I have been in the studio recording some new tracks which are now mixed and ready for release. They are small group efforts that I am very happy with. Look for them on my iTunes/Google Play/Spotify etc. profiles.

- I'm proud to announce that I am now an artist/endorser for the "Marca Reed Company" based in the "Var Region" of Southern France. It is truly humbling to know that this company as well as Yamaha, BG Music Products, and Theo Wanne have the confidence and belief in me to be part of their artist rosters....I am VERY grateful. :)

- Lastly, catch me on Facebook HERE, and on Twitter HERE

Take care everyone, and always look for the "nice" notes,

Pat B.