Name Record Label Role
Pat Belliveau La Zona Blanca Pabco Music Leader
Pat Belliveau Quintet Live In Panama Independent Leader
Verismo Verismo Unical Records Co-Leader
Baritone Madness Baritone Madness Chronograph Records Co-Leader
Jann Arden Uncover Me Universal Music Sideman
Jason McCoy Christmas At The Grand EMI Music Sideman
Tom Jackson Huron Carole 2000 Tomali Records Sideman
Joseph Mao Secondhand Shop Independent Sideman
Tim Tamashiro Wiseass Crooner Leisure Lab (BMG) Sideman
U of C Jazz Ensemble Late As Usual Unical Records Sideman
U of C Jazz Ensemble Wild Geese Unical Records Sideman
David Thiaw African Skies Black Bear Records Sideman
David Thiaw Kankuran Black Bear Records Sideman
Shannon Gaye Humankind Bimini Records Sideman
The Dino Martinis The Bottle Collector's Lounge Independent Sideman
The Dino Martinis Steak and Comedian Night Independent Sideman
The Dino Martinis 50,000,000 Santa Fans Can't Be Wrong Independent Sideman
Dionne Smith Wonderful Words of Life Independent Sideman
Robert Burton Hubele Halfway to Everywhere Foff Records Sideman
Don Johnson Donald Ray Mar Vista Music Sideman
Don Johnson Pure Pleasure Mar Vista Music Sideman
Peter D'Amico/Brian Wagner Firefighters and Friends Black Bear Records Sideman
Kristian Alexandrov Funked Up Jazz Moodaji Music Sideman
Terrain Terrain Independent Sideman
Terrain Time To Travel Independent Sideman
A.K Delwar Hussain Sound of Deen Independent Sideman
Michael Angell When I'm With You Cetonia Records Sideman
The Bluesland Horn Band First Street Flat Top Records Sideman
The Bluesland Horn Band Down In New Orleans Bluesland Records Sideman
The Bluesland Horn Band Radio Waves Bluesland Records Sideman
The Bluesland Horn Band Keep It In The Shadows Bluesland Records Sideman
The HeeBeeJeeBees HeeBeeJeeBees TV Independent Sideman
Leigh Henderson Songs For The Father Independent Sideman
Dawn Eden Making Waves Edensong Music Sideman
The Rooster Band "Live" Come On In My Kitchen UCM Records Sideman
The Rooster Band Bluestoons UCM Records Sideman
Elnora Pittman Elnora Silent Stone Records Sideman
Elnora Pittman Don't Let The Rocks Cry Out Silent Stone Records Sideman
"Decidedly Jazz Danceworks" Perched On The Edge Of A Quarter Note DJD Records Sideman
Gord Shawcross Egypt, Mississippi Donut Train Records Sideman
Sherry Kennedy Reflections Of Christmas Sheaken Music Sideman
Jachin Mullen Calling Red Leaf Music Sideman
Karen Anderson Journey Songs Independent Sideman
Dennis Dubbin Blue - Off Of The Floor PVC Records Sideman
Steve Pineo Around The Horn Stamp Records Sideman
Deanna Dubbin With One More Look At You Independent Sideman
Penguins on Broadway Bye Bye Wally Independent Sideman
Jeremy Coates Notes By Coates Independent Sideman
Allistair Elliott Urban Nights Chronograph Records Sideman
Henry Kativu I'm Dancing Sounds Ablaze Music Sideman
The Primetime Big Band For Our Friends Last Blast Band Inc. Sideman
The Primetime Big Band Live At Ihe Ironwood Chronograph Records Sideman
Rob Zimmerman Room To Breathe Independent Sideman
Deanne Matley Get In The Mood Independent Sideman
John McCrory John McCrory Independent Sideman
Andrea Petrity It's About Time Independent Sideman
Ellen Doty Gold Independent Sideman
Suzy Quinn A New Kinda Kool Nexxt Records Sideman
Debra Power That's How I Roll Independent Sideman


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